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Client Case Study

Watson Institue : Truist Foundation Fellowship

The 2024 Truist Foundation Fellowship Summit is a prestigious event aimed at showcasing the innovative pitches of 15 fellows.

Watson Institue : Truist Foundation Fellowship

Case Study: Event Production for the 2024 Truist Foundation Fellowship Summit

Truist Foundation Fellowship

Event Overview:
The 2024 Truist Foundation Fellowship Summit is a prestigious event aimed at showcasing the innovative pitches of 15 fellows. The summit also features a keynote speech, networking sessions, a capping ceremony, and various engagements with the Watson Institute team. Our task was to comprehensively document the event, capturing both the formal presentations and the informal interactions to highlight the essence and significance of the summit.

To create a visually compelling and comprehensive documentation of the summit that reflects its dynamic and engaging atmosphere, while capturing key moments such as fellow pitches, audience engagement, keynote speeches, networking, and the capping ceremony.

Preproduction Planning:
A preproduction meeting was scheduled for June 5th at 6:00 PM EST to finalize the shot list, discuss logistics, and address any specific requirements. This meeting was crucial for aligning the production team’s understanding of the event’s goals and ensuring seamless coordination.

Shot List:

1. Fellows Pitching:
• Individual shots of each fellow presenting on stage (15 presenters), using low light settings to maintain ambiance.
• Wide shots capturing the entire stage and the fellow presenting.
• Close-up shots of the fellow’s facial expressions and gestures.
2. Audience/Networking:
• Wide shots of the audience during pitches, capturing their engagement and reactions.
• Candid shots of attendees networking before, during, and after the event.
3. Keynote Speaker:
• Shots of the keynote speaker on stage during their speech.
4. Capping Ceremony:
• Individual shots of each fellow being capped.
• Group shots of fellows with capes on.
5. Event Venue:
• Interior shots showcasing the setup and decorations of the event space.
• Shots of any branding or signage related to Watson Institute / Truist Foundation.
6. Watson Institute Team:
• Group shots of the Watson Institute team (Ariana Agombar, Evie Flaugh, Mary Campbell, Nirva Dhaya, Rachel Helmer, and Teal Vickrey).
• Candid shots of team members interacting, focusing on hands working together, equipment in use, and elements of the team’s attire.
• Portraits of each team member, ideally capturing their personality.
• Shots that show the preparation and behind-the-scenes aspects of the team’s setup.

Event Execution:
On June 6th, the production team arrived on location by 4:45 PM to set up and prepare for the event coverage. The team included photographers and videographers equipped with stabilized rigs and lapel microphones to ensure high-quality audio and video capture.

Post-Event Production:
The editing process involved selecting the best footage and photos, applying professional editing techniques, and incorporating background scores that aligned with the event’s theme. The final deliverables included a highlight reel, a full-length video, and a digital photo album.

The comprehensive documentation provided by The Rebrand Creative Agency successfully captured the essence of the 2024 Truist Foundation Fellowship Summit. The visual content not only showcased the formal aspects of the event but also highlighted the dynamic interactions and the engaging atmosphere, ultimately delivering a memorable experience for the client and attendees.

Client Feedback:
The client was extremely satisfied with the quality and thoroughness of the coverage, appreciating the detailed attention to capturing key moments and the overall professional execution of the project.

The Rebrand Creative Agency demonstrated its capability to handle high-profile events with precision and creativity, ensuring that every significant moment was beautifully documented. This case study underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional visual storytelling that meets and exceeds client expectations.

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