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Client Case Study

The Simple Vue Academy

The Simple Vue Academy’s mission is to create a sustainable pathway to entrepreneurship by providing scholars grade 6-12 with a STREAM based education, guidance on business and financial management and a village of support.

The Simple Vue Academy

Case Study: Lighting the Path to Entrepreneurship with Simple Vue Academy

Simple Vue Academy's mission is to provide scholars in grades 6-12 with a sustainable pathway to entrepreneurship through a STREAM-based education, business and financial management guidance, and a supportive community. Despite its impactful vision, Simple Vue Academy required expert assistance in shaping its brand identity, crafting a compelling message, and establishing a strong online presence. This is where Rebrand Land stepped in.

Simple Vue Academy needed a brand identity and message that encapsulated its unique mission. They required a social media marketing strategy that would effectively engage their target audience. They also desired high-quality media content for their team members and required professional support in creating an investor pitch deck, event production, and branding materials. Additionally, they aimed to host a fundraiser to secure funds for the school.

Brand Messaging, Strategy, and Identity Development
Rebrand Land began by understanding Simple Vue Academy's mission, values, and target audience. We then developed a brand identity and messaging strategy that captured the essence of the academy's goal to foster entrepreneurial pathways. The brand was designed to be inspirational, innovative, and approachable, mirroring the academy's approach to education.

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Management
We created a social media strategy that prioritized engaging content aimed at parents, educators, and potential partners. Regular updates on school activities, student achievements, educational insights, and inspirational messages were shared across various platforms. Rebrand Land also took on the responsibility of managing these platforms, ensuring consistent activity and audience engagement.

Media Production
Rebrand Land coordinated photo and video shoots for the academy's co-design team members. The resulting high-quality content showcased the team's dedication and expertise, bolstering the academy's credibility and appeal.

Investor Pitch Decks and Event Production
To help Simple Vue Academy attract potential investors, Rebrand Land developed a comprehensive and persuasive pitch deck. We also supported the academy's event production, ensuring professional, engaging, and memorable events that reflected the brand's identity and values.

The climax of our collaboration was a successful fundraiser that Rebrand Land helped to plan and execute. We designed and produced promotional materials, managed event logistics, and implemented a donation collection strategy. This comprehensive effort resulted in an impressive $8k raised for the school.

Our branding, social media, and fundraising efforts yielded impressive results for Simple Vue Academy. The branding and messaging strategy effectively communicated the academy's unique mission, leading to increased enrollment and community recognition.

The social media strategy and management resulted in a 60% increase in online engagement, while the professional photos and videos enhanced the academy's image and credibility. The investor pitch decks were instrumental in securing funding for the academy's various initiatives, and our event production skills contributed to successful and well-attended events.

The crowning achievement was the $8k raised through the fundraiser, which will significantly support the academy's mission and operations.

Rebrand Land's collaboration with Simple Vue Academy has not only strengthened their brand identity but also expanded their reach and impact. This partnership demonstrates the transformative power of strategic branding, targeted social media marketing, professional media production, and well-planned fundraising initiatives in enhancing an organization's success and sustainability. We're proud to support Simple Vue Academy in their mission to create sustainable entrepreneurial pathways for their scholars.

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