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Client Case Study

Rosenwald Documentary Inc.

Rosenwald Documentary Inc. is dedicated to capturing and sharing the impactful history of the Rosenwald Schools, which were instrumental in advancing African American education during the early 20th century.

Rosenwald Documentary Inc.

Case Study: Enhancing Communication Strategies for Rosenwald Documentary Inc.

Rosenwald Documentary Inc. is dedicated to capturing and sharing the impactful history of the Rosenwald Schools, which were instrumental in advancing African American education during the early 20th century. The organization focuses on producing high-quality documentaries that highlight the stories of alumni and the historical significance of these schools.


Limited Brand Awareness: Despite the importance of their mission, Rosenwald Documentary Inc. struggled with limited brand recognition and visibility.
Digital Asset Management: The organization needed an efficient system to manage a growing repository of digital assets, including videos, images, and promotional materials.
Social Media Engagement: There was a need to develop a cohesive social media strategy to engage with a broader audience and foster a community around their documentary series.
Grant Funding: Securing consistent funding through grants was essential for sustaining and expanding their documentary projects.

Increase Brand Awareness: Establish a strong brand identity and enhance the organization’s visibility across various platforms.
Improve Digital Asset Management: Implement an effective system to manage and utilize digital assets efficiently.
Boost Social Media Engagement: Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy to increase engagement and grow the audience.
Secure Grant Funding: Identify and secure grant opportunities to ensure financial sustainability.
Strategy and Implementation

1. Brand Management:

Brand Identity Development: Developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all digital and physical platforms.
Promotional Campaigns: Launched promotional campaigns to highlight the documentary series and the historical significance of Rosenwald Schools.

2. Digital Asset Management:

System Implementation: Implemented a digital asset management system to organize, store, and maintain all digital assets.
Training: Provided training to the team on how to use the system effectively for content creation and distribution.

3. Social Media Strategy:

Content Creation: Created and scheduled engaging social media posts across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
Community Engagement: Actively engaged with followers by responding to comments, encouraging user-generated content, and hosting live Q&A sessions with documentary participants.
Analytics and Optimization: Used social media analytics tools to monitor performance and optimize strategies based on insights.

4. Grant Funding Assistance:

Research and Identification: Identified relevant grant opportunities and aligned them with the organization's projects.
Proposal Writing: Assisted in writing compelling grant proposals and managing the application process.
Follow-ups and Compliance: Ensured compliance with grant requirements and maintained relationships with grant-making bodies.

Increased Visibility: The brand awareness of Rosenwald Documentary Inc. increased significantly, with a notable rise in website traffic and social media followers.
Efficient Digital Asset Management: The implementation of a digital asset management system streamlined the organization and utilization of media assets, saving time and enhancing productivity.
Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Social media engagement saw a substantial boost, with a 150% increase in followers and higher interaction rates on posts.
Successful Grant Funding: Secured multiple grants totaling $150,000, providing the necessary funds to continue and expand the documentary series.

Through strategic brand management, effective digital asset organization, a robust social media strategy, and proactive grant funding efforts, Rosenwald Documentary Inc. successfully enhanced its communication strategies and achieved significant growth in visibility and engagement. This case study exemplifies how targeted communication strategies can drive awareness, engagement, and financial support for nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving important historical narratives.

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