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Client Case Study

Rewine ATL

Experience the best of Atlanta's wine scene with Rewine Atl, a mobile wine experience that brings the party to you. their team of expert sommeliers and wine enthusiasts will curate a selection of delicious wines from around the world and provide an interactive and educational tasting for you and your guests.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a birthday party, or a intimate gathering with friends, Rewine Atl has something for everyone. their tastings can be customized to fit your specific preferences and budget, and they will take care of everything from setup to clean up.

Rewine ATL

Case Study: Rewine Atl - Curating the Best Wine Experience in Atlanta
Rewine Atl, a mobile wine experience service in Atlanta, offers an exceptional combination of enjoyment and education. Their team of expert sommeliers and wine enthusiasts curate a selection of delicious wines from around the globe, creating an interactive and educational tasting experience for their clients and guests. To help establish and grow their brand, Rewine Atl approached Rebrand Land for assistance in business plan development, brand development and strategy, and marketing strategy.

Rewine Atl had a unique and engaging service, but they needed help to define their business strategy, develop their brand, and craft a marketing strategy that would attract their target audience. The challenges were to define a unique brand identity that aligned with their business vision and to identify the most effective marketing channels and tactics to reach and engage potential clients.

Business Plan Development
Rebrand Land worked closely with Rewine Atl to define their business goals, identify their target market, and establish a clear service offering. This involved an in-depth market analysis, competitive research, and financial planning to provide a solid foundation for their business plan.

Brand Development and Strategy
After understanding Rewine Atl's business plan, Rebrand Land created a unique brand identity that encapsulates the essence of their services – sophisticated, enjoyable, and educational wine experiences. This included defining a color palette, designing a logo, and creating a compelling brand story that captures the spirit of Rewine Atl.

Marketing Strategy
For the marketing strategy, Rebrand Land leveraged both digital and traditional marketing channels. We developed a content marketing plan focusing on wine education and tasting tips, social media campaigns targeting wine enthusiasts in Atlanta, and partnerships with local restaurants and event organizers.

Rewine Atl's business plan has provided a clear roadmap for their business growth. The brand development has resonated with their target audience, setting them apart in the Atlanta wine scene. Their new logo is now recognized as a symbol of exceptional wine experiences in the city.

The marketing strategy has generated substantial results. Social media campaigns have seen high engagement rates, the content marketing strategy has positioned Rewine Atl as an industry authority, and the partnerships have expanded their reach in the local market.

Rebrand Land's comprehensive approach to business planning, brand development, and marketing strategy has helped Rewine Atl establish a strong presence in the Atlanta wine scene. Today, Rewine Atl is not just recognized for their unique wine experiences, but also as a leading source of wine education. Their growth is testament to the power of a well-defined business plan, a strong brand, and a targeted marketing strategy.

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