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Client Case Study

PureLegacee Inc

The mission of PureLegacee Inc (PLI) is to serve as a haven of healing for females ages 16-24 who have experienced trauma as a direct result of the criminal justice system and/or aging out of foster care and facing homelessness. To accomplish this mission, PureLegacee Inc. provides an alternative to incarceration and advocates for justice reform at a grassroots level. PLI uses training and advocacy as tools to impact systemic change.

PureLegacee Inc

Case Study: PureLegacee Inc. - Empowering and Advocating for Young Women in Need

PureLegacee Inc. (PLI) serves as a haven of healing for young women aged 16-24 who have been affected by the criminal justice system or are facing homelessness due to aging out of foster care. Their mission involves providing an alternative to incarceration and advocating for justice reform at a grassroots level. To further their reach and effectiveness, PLI sought Rebrand Land's expertise in brand development, marketing strategy, business plan development, and more.

As a non-profit organization serving a unique and sensitive population, PLI faced the challenge of building a powerful and resonating brand image that would effectively convey their mission, inspire support, and attract the resources needed to fulfill their work. They needed an inclusive and compassionate brand identity that reflected the unique needs of the women they serve while also portraying the organization's strong advocacy and reform goals.

Business Plan Development and Brand Strategy
Rebrand Land helped PLI articulate their mission, values, and unique services within a solid business plan. This new roadmap outlined the steps required to reach more young women, attract funding, and achieve their advocacy goals. Simultaneously, we developed a cohesive brand strategy that accurately conveyed PLI's compassion, advocacy efforts, and dedication to creating systemic change.

Logo Design, Web Design, and Fraction Communications Specialists
We created a fresh logo design that encapsulated PLI's mission of providing hope and healing. The new design featured warm and inviting colors that symbolized warmth, growth, and renewal—key elements of PLI's work.

Rebrand Land also revamped PLI's website, making it more intuitive and accessible. The new site offered clear paths for those needing services, potential donors, and volunteers, helping to connect PLI with a broader audience. We also brought in fraction communications specialists to refine their message, ensuring that all communications were consistent and resonated with their audience.

Marketing Strategy and Program Development
We helped PLI create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, utilizing various channels to raise awareness about PLI's work and promote their advocacy efforts. At the same time, we assisted in the development of new programs to serve their target demographic, broadening their services to address the holistic needs of these young women.

Event Production
Rebrand Land facilitated the planning and execution of several successful events for PLI, raising their profile within the community and attracting much-needed funds for their cause.

Rebrand Land's comprehensive approach resulted in a unified, impactful brand identity for PureLegacee Inc. The refined business plan and brand strategy, along with the refreshed logo and website, have allowed PLI to better communicate their mission and values, attract more support, and reach more young women in need.

Through the developed marketing strategy and program development, PLI has been able to expand its services, increase its influence in the community, and further its advocacy work. The successful events have not only raised much-needed funds but also increased awareness and support for PLI's mission.

With the support of Rebrand Land, PureLegacee Inc. has been able to refine its brand, develop impactful programs, and reach a wider audience. Today, PLI stands as a beacon of hope for young women affected by the justice system or homelessness, its strengthened brand accurately reflecting its dedication to providing healing, advocating for justice reform, and driving systemic change

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