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Client Case Study

NewG Salon

Hair By NewG Salon, a minority women-owned and HUBZone certified small disadvantaged business, has been a beloved community salon in Mount Rainier, Maryland, for over 38 years.

NewG Salon

Case Study: Comprehensive Rebranding and Scaling of Hair By NewG Salon

Client: Hair By NewG Salon
Industry: Beauty and Haircare
Location: Mount Rainier, Maryland
Project Timeline: 12 Months

Hair By NewG Salon, a minority women-owned and HUBZone certified small disadvantaged business, has been a beloved community salon in Mount Rainier, Maryland, for over 38 years. Known for its exceptional haircare services and strong community involvement, the salon sought to modernize its brand, increase sales, and scale its operations to a franchise model.

Rebrand the Salon: Update the salon’s visual identity, online presence, and marketing materials.
Enhance Operational Efficiency: Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) and implement modern digital infrastructure.
Increase Sales: Boost client engagement, retention, and acquisition through targeted marketing strategies.
Scale to Franchise Model: Establish a scalable business model to open new locations.
Strategy and Execution

Phase 1: Rebranding and Online Presence Enhancement

1. Profile Optimization

New Logo and Visual Identity: Designed a modern logo and updated the salon’s visual elements.
Website Redesign: Created a user-friendly, visually appealing website with detailed service descriptions, booking capabilities, and customer testimonials.
Social Media Rebranding: Updated Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profiles with the new logo and branding elements.
Bio and Highlight Covers: Enhanced Instagram profile with a new bio, consistent highlight covers, and organized highlights for easy navigation.

2. Content Strategy

Content Pillars: Defined key content categories: Behind the Scenes, Client Transformations, Educational Posts, Community Involvement, and Promotional Content.
Posting Schedule: Developed a consistent posting schedule to maintain engagement and showcase services.

3. Visual Cohesion

Branded Templates: Designed templates for regular posts to maintain visual consistency across all platforms.
Color Palette and Style: Implemented a cohesive color palette and style for all marketing materials and social media posts.

Phase 2: Operational Efficiency and Digital Infrastructure

1. SOP Creation and Organization Chart

Standard Operating Procedures: Developed comprehensive SOPs to ensure consistency in service delivery and operations.
Organization Chart: Created a detailed organization chart to clarify roles and responsibilities within the salon.

2. Digital Infrastructure

Systems and Tech Toolbox: Implemented modern CRM systems, online booking tools, and a digital payment system to streamline operations.
Rebrand Personal VA: Provided a virtual assistant to support administrative tasks and improve efficiency.
Quarterly Bookkeeping: Introduced regular financial management and bookkeeping services to maintain financial health.

Phase 3: Marketing, Sales Growth, and Franchise Model Development

1. Marketing and Sales Strategies

Social Media Campaigns: Launched targeted campaigns to increase visibility and engagement.
Example Campaigns:
Rebrand Reveal: Announced the new logo and website.
Meet the Team: Introduced staff members to build personal connections with clients.
Client Transformations: Showcased before-and-after photos to highlight the salon’s expertise.
Press & News Distribution: Distributed press releases to major publications and digital platforms.
Networking and Global Brand Placement: Established strategic partnerships to enhance brand placement and visibility.

2. Community Engagement and Support

Fundraising Support: Assisted in organizing fundraising events to secure resources for growth.
Community Involvement: Continued support for local entrepreneurs and community initiatives.
Rebrand VIP Day: Organized a content/photoshoot day to create high-quality marketing materials.

3. Scaling to Franchise Model

Franchise Model Development: Created a scalable business model with detailed franchise manuals and training programs.
Pilot Locations: Opened pilot franchise locations to test and refine the model.
Expansion Plan: Developed a strategic plan for opening additional franchise locations in underserved areas.
Increased Brand Visibility: The rebranding efforts significantly enhanced the salon’s online presence, leading to increased brand recognition.
Operational Efficiency: Implementing SOPs and modern digital tools streamlined operations, improving overall efficiency.
Sales Growth: Targeted marketing strategies and improved customer engagement resulted in a substantial increase in sales.
Successful Franchise Model: The scalable franchise model allowed Hair By NewG Salon to expand its reach, with new locations successfully launched and more in development.

The comprehensive rebranding and operational overhaul of Hair By NewG Salon successfully transformed the business, enhancing its online presence, increasing sales, and enabling it to scale to a franchise model. By focusing on modernizing the brand, improving operational efficiency, and developing a robust franchise system, Hair By NewG Salon has set a strong foundation for continued growth and community impact.

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