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Client Case Study

Gold Mind Thoughts LLC

Coach Barnes’ unique learning experiences address the mindset and skill set of how leaders listen and communicate. Simultaneously addressing how employees examine, engage, and express their core values.

She has a proven track record of increasing productivity and developing a healthy inclusive communication culture by providing targeted culturally response feedback.

Gold Mind Thoughts LLC

Case Study: Coach Barnes - Shaping the Communication Leaders of Tomorrow

Coach Barnes specializes in unique learning experiences that address both the mindset and skill set of leaders' listening and communication abilities. Additionally, Coach Barnes focuses on how employees examine, engage, and express their core values. To enhance his impact and reach, Coach Barnes approached Rebrand Land to assist with brand development and web design, including a motion logo.

Coach Barnes had a robust training methodology, but she needed a brand that accurately communicated his values and approach. In addition, her website needed a design upgrade to improve user experience, better communicate her services, and reflect her brand's updated look and feel. A unique challenge was creating a motion logo that encapsulated her brand while catching the attention of potential clients.

Brand Development
Rebrand Land began by thoroughly understanding Coach Barnes's unique approach to leadership communication training. We then used this insight to create a brand identity that genuinely reflected his methodology, emphasizing communication, engagement, and personal growth. The new brand visuals, including logo, color scheme, and typography, embodied these themes, giving Coach Barnes a cohesive, professional, and compelling brand.

Web Design
To improve user experience and better communicate Coach Barnes's services, we redesigned his website from the ground up. We created a clean, modern, and user-friendly design that not only aligns with the new brand identity but also showcases Coach Barnes's offerings effectively. The website now features detailed information about her methodology, testimonials from satisfied clients, and a straightforward booking process.

Motion Logo
To stand out in today's dynamic digital landscape, we created a motion logo for Coach Barnes. This animated version of her logo grabs attention, increases brand recall, and provides a unique visual experience. The motion logo successfully communicates the dynamic, engaging nature of Coach Barnes's approach to leadership communication training.

The rebranding and website redesign brought immediate and noticeable results. Coach Barnes's new brand and online presence resonated with his target audience, leading to increased website traffic and a 30% increase in bookings. The motion logo, featured prominently on his website and social media, became a defining element of her brand, contributing to higher engagement and recall.

Rebrand Land's collaboration with Coach Barnes resulted in a cohesive, compelling brand that accurately reflected his unique approach to leadership training. The redesigned website not only improved the user experience but also better showcased Coach Barnes's offerings, leading to increased engagement and bookings. The motion logo added a dynamic element to her brand, making it stand out in the digital landscape. With these improvements, Coach Barnes is well-positioned to grow her business and continue shaping the communication leaders of tomorrow.

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